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Malam Playing Cards

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A deck of playing cards inspired by the Native American's. Printed by Expert Playing Card Company - Classic Finish. 

These cards handle beautifully and feel as good they look. A custom red tuck case, gold foil and embossing, all add to the luxurious feel of these card.

Standard Edition:                                                              Deluxe Edition:

   No Deck Seal                                                                  Custom Deck Seal

Standard Pips                                                                      Deluxe Pips  

Custom Ace of Spade Four                                               Custom Aces 

  Custom Court Cards                                                   Custom Court Cards

Gaming has been apart of the Native American culture since the beginning of its time. The Chumash people often played two styles of games, one involving chance, and the other skill. The ancestors of the Chumash often would even place bets on the outcomes of these games as well.

Each village had a special area in which these games were played, they called it Malamtepupi. With this in mind we have shortened the name to Malam, and merged it with one of the most notorious items used in the current age of gaming which led to Malam Playing Cards.


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