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Believe Card Clips by Joe Porper and System 6

We teamed up with the main man of Card Clips, Joe Porper. Trusted for his incredible detail, knowledge and engineering we teamed up with Joe to bring you our Believe Card Clips. 

Unlike other clips, these are the first ever to actually be printed on, utilizing a Gold Metallic Ink. This printing process allowed us to use intricate detail to create a perfect design, just as we imagined. 

Just look at the detail on the Spade! 


Joe Porper invented the card clip. During his absence from magic, several dealers tried to make clips like Joe's but they simply didn't work. Joe's original was cut from a solid block of metal, not bent over to create the necessary shape. Now Joe has re-engineered this simple device to protect a deck perfectly. By pulling the sprung edges back from the deck, Joe has created an even grip across the cards. By shaping the clip properly he has made inserting and removing the deck simple. Protect your most versatile props - carry them in a Believe Porper clip.


Note: The Believe Clip with its intricate detail has some minor imperfections which you can see in the photos. All of the Believe clips are this way, but you do get what you see, which is still amazing!

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