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The Casino Con by Steve Gore and Gregory Wilson


“The Casino Con is a wonderful effect that’s visually and mentally entertaining” Andrew Mayne

“A really well thought out self-working effect with two phases.”
- Bill Abbott


The Con:

The faces of 10 vintage jokers are shown, then the backs are displayed to be from 10 different casinos that have been demolished. The spectator shuffles the jokers and lays them on the table. You give them your “lucky” poker chip to hold unseen. They now choose any of the jokers on the table, and your poker chip matches the casino chip they are holding…every time!

For the second phase, you shuffle face up so they see the different array of jokers again. Then you fairly deal the 10 cards face down into two piles, giving you and your spectator a 5 card poker hand. You proudly proclaim that they have a “Five of a kind!” with the matching do too, but you turn your cards over to show your 5 of kind happens to been in SPADES, as the cards have transformed into the royal flush in spades! 

No wonder all those casinos closed!


- Easy to learn with no difficult sleights or moves!

- Minimal pocket space and instant reset.

- No Rough and smooth.

- A devious method thats is a close up workers dream!



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