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April 17, 2014

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Magicians Without Borders students GRADUATE!


It is with great pleasure that we get to share this with you all. Two of our Salvadorian students, Peter and Maricela, whom have been apart of the Magicians Without Borders for about 6 years have graduated culinary school! 

Peter and Maricela have a passion for magic and performing, and they are absolutely incredible magicians! They have also had a passion for cooking, and through the Magicians Without Borders Scholarship program were finally able to attend school. Growing up in the impoverished Santa Ana, El Salvador, they were often stuck working many long days and nights to help provide money for their family. This money was used to eat, and even at times be on reserve to pay off the MS13 (the worlds most dangerous gang) who would collect money from people who often sold anything in the marketplace and surrounding areas. I even remember Peter telling us about how he was trapped in his home near the marketplace for three days, as MS13 had taken over the area and threatened to kill anyone who entered or exited this highly populated area, as a stand off to the government trying to shut down grouping of two or more persons in the streets after dark.  

Through these hardships they were able to push through with the help of Magicians Without Borders. The knowledge and confidence they gained gave them the will power to push forward. Magicians Without Borders was able to provide the funding for these two beautiful kids to attend High School (yes they charge there) and to continue onto one of the best culinary schools in El Salvador. Other expenses included books, pens, paper and transportation to the capital, San Salvador. 

This is not about Magicians Without Borders though, this is about Peter and Maricela, using everything they learned to flourish into two incredible young adults, while continue to help those in their own neighborhoods using the magic they learned. They shared the love and joy they had from learning magic, and in turn it also helped them. 

The full graduation ceremony takes place in June, and we plan to be on hand to witness it and bring back many photos for you all to enjoy. 

We cant even begin to tell you how proud we are of Peter and Maricela, and we send them a BIG CONGRATULATIONS! 




Six, Devonte, Tom,Janet, Marie, Juan Carlos, Ryan, Carlos and the rest of the entire MWB Team. 


To learn more about Magicians Without Borders and even see part of the journey of Peter and Maricela, please visit


If you would like to help sponsor some of our other wonderful magicians you can do so on the website, any donation no matter how small goes directly to helping the kids in our programs in El Salvador, India and Colombia.